Director's Statement

Welcome to family of Fiza Engineering Corporation, where I dedicated my professional experience of over 23 years after my Techno-commercial qualification from reputed Engineering and Business school to our valued customer, to provide most economical and reliable products and services. Our commitment to our customers are of utmost priority, but morals, ethics and environmental issues are highly valued within our working procedures and systems, with universal social commitment, so our success is entirely based on our true partnership with our customers,

to whom we educate in detail the available options in their proposed business and suggest them of their suitability, but for the final decision we leave to our customer to decide.However during the process we may also learn from the customers, which we transfer to needy.

We strongly believe that customers are buying Solutions and not the product so we are concerned, to their expectations of performance, reliability of supply, and economics of purchase (with study of operating and replacement cost) emphasizing safety issues…Etc…We pursue relevant positioning and differentiation by strategic concept; to our competitors by a slogan of help customer to help self.
In today’s competitive market; business success or profitability of a organization is laid on cost saving; by minimizing the capital investment, which starts from the purchase of equipment and machineries, so we provide solutions by identifying real requirement of customer to minimize their purchase cost, without extra’s, which ultimately helped us to find the ways to reduce the production and logistic cost without disturbing the quality. Even we start suggesting; whether to Buy or Lease or Rent…..!!!? As options to the end users to save the cost
We find quality equipments and machineries or services from our OEM suppliers from the countries like India, china and Brazil, Korea, Malaysia, Middle-East, South-Africa…. and even from East European countries with latest technology, to deliver by economical and lower in cost.
I also take this opportunity to inform you, that; we are in process of setting up our own manufacturing facilities in China, and Middle-East with technical collaboration with globally successful brand.
We believe and make sure that; we make our customers to feel ‘more proud & confidence on their decision, to work with us; is right.’
Thank you.