Our Projects

Our History as a victory is described by our valued customers from the global market who approached us with expectations of getting their project done with professional manners, And Successful end.

We have done and provided
POWER PLANTS (NEW OR REFURBISHED) (Thermal, Hydro, Gas or Oil Fields) BATCHING PLANT (CONCRETE) 30, 60, 90,120,160 Cubic Meters CRUSHING PLANT 30, 50,100,120,160,200,240 Ton/Hr ASPHALT PLANT Mobile & Stationery Type GLASS PROJECT Floating Glass CEMENT PLANT Of Capacity between 400 Mt/Day And 7000 Mt/Day MINING Ferrous Ore, Copper, Silica, Limestone, Coal ENVIRONMENTAL PROJECTS Sea Corrosion, Dredging Job, Mini Port & Fishing Harbour STEEL MILLS Smelters, Billet Makers WASTE MANAGEMENT Sorting, Recycling

Therefore our team always stands out from the crowed by providing our customers unforgettable results by getting their projects done of our services in our core competencies